Dilnosa Irismetova, Strategic Development Director, Clinic of Phlebology and laser medicine, Shymkent city

I came to KIHE Exhibition to learn about current trends in the field of healthcare, about innovations from different companies.  I also visited some seminars within the framework of the exhibition business program.  It was exciting and productive! Our company visits the exhibition for the third consecutive year.  The organization is, as always, on a very high level.

Kaukhar Seiitova, Basis-M Company (Kyrgyzstan), Director

This is my second visit to KIHE Exhibition.  The organization is excellent! I want to notice that the number of exponents this year is more prominent, the organization is better and better each year! We visit the Healthcare Exhibition to learn about new products, see the equipment.  We have already seen most of the exhibition and noticed certain companies.

Svetlana Voloshenko, Head of Medical Division, G-Group OOO (Russia)

We come to KIHE Exhibition from Saint-Petersburg to find representatives for our products in Kazakhstan.  We already have a result - we have discovered a couple of companies who are working in the same direction.  Now, we will negotiate with them. 

Kanat Iskendirov, an epidemiologist at the State Enterprise "Republican Psychiatric Hospital of Specialized Type with Intensive Observation" under the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan

It is my first time at KIHE Exhibition.  I give to organizers 10 points of 10! The exposition is fascinating.  It was vital for me to find companies engaged in disinfectants and services.  I was able to see some of them.  Thanks to organizers. 

Saniya Shinar, Director of Innovative Registration Company (Kyrgyzstan)

I came to Healthcare Exhibition from Kyrgyzstan for the first time.  I want to notice the magnitude of the event.  I like the organization very much, there are a lot of foreign companies from Russia, Belarus, the Czech Republic, China, and other countries, participating in the exhibition. 

I have already got acquainted with many companies, shared contacts.  It was a productive exhibition because there are some companies interested in our company. 

Sultan Dzharilkapov, physician of the Regional Clinic Hospital

I am representing a private clinic, and I have come to the Healthcare Exhibition to see medical equipment, such as for Ultrasound Examination.  I am satisfied with the exhibition, and companies offer their equipment and products at reasonable prices.   We found everything we wanted.  The organization of KIHE Exhibition was at a high level. 

Zamira Babadzhanova, pharmacy manager, Bishkek Medical College

We came to KIHE 2019 Exhibition from Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan). We try each year to visit this event because we always find some interesting and necessary companies, a lot of useful information.  The organization of the exhibition is excellent, there are many exponents here.