Feedback from KIHE 2024 exhibition

Krilova Vera, Mercatus Capital PTE LTD (Singapore)

Participation in this exhibition is an amazing experience for us. The exhibition is very well organized. I didn’t expect that there would be such a good atmosphere, that so many people would be open to us to get to know our business. We will definitely be back next year, this is the plan we have already agreed upon. All we have to do is discuss the size of the location with our management and we will definitely have a stand next year.

Sabina Okasova, consultant of SHUNGITTAS.KZ (Kazakhstan)

I really liked the exhibition because the scale is very large. The exhibition presents advanced solutions and products in many areas, not just medicine. For example, various devices, laboratory equipment and much more. Our stand attracted a large number of visitors, including people from 19 to 60 years old. However, the main consumers of our products are people over 50-60 years old. We think that we are ready to take part in the exhibition next year, and we also plan to present ourselves with a larger stand than the current one.

Yevgeniya Savostina, RUSTOMOGRAPH LLC (Russia)

This is our third year participating in the exhibition. We are delighted with the organization, as there is something to compare with; the exhibition organizers are always in touch with us and always help in organizational matters. There were interesting meetings and interesting potential contracts, of course, we are looking forward to further cooperation. We have many partners here; they come to our stand not only to conclude new contracts, but also those partners with whom we already work. This is a place for meeting, a place for effective networking. Everything is favorable and therefore we are planning to participate next year.

Azamat Kamanov, Head of Sales Department of KAZMEDEQ.KZ LLP (Kazakhstan)

The company KAZMEDEQ.KZ was founded in 2014, and this year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary! We thank the exhibition organizers for the excellent organization of this event! For us, this is a unique platform that allows us to showcase our equipment, meet with current clients, and get acquainted with new partners, which greatly aids in the development of our company and reflects our contribution to the development and improvement of medicine in Kazakhstan.

Alena Volkova, FOTEK (Russia)

I have very good impressions, we really liked everything here. We wanted to meet with certain companies, with our partners, and we managed to do this at the KIHE exhibition platform. There is interest in our products because there are specifically those specialists who are looking for our equipment, our direction. Quite a lot of agreements have been concluded and we already have certain agreements. Now we will cooperate and establish the connections that we have found here. We plan to participate in the exhibition next year and look at a larger stand.

Limbach Cornelia, Project Manager German Pavilion (Germany)

We are very pleased with our participation in this exhibition. We are here, 11 years on, for the first time to present a large national stand of Germany. The exhibition is truly successful, and all the participants who came here as part of the national stand are very pleased. Based on their feedback, I heard that they signed good contracts. We had many visitors whom we know from other countries or other exhibitions, as well as people who are interested in participating in KIHE in the future. Our participation next year has already been decided, and we will definitely come back.

Marina Alekseyuk, Product Specialist of Delrus (Kazakhstan)

This is my first time at the exhibition in Kazakhstan. There is a certain delight at the scale of the exhibition and the number of countries present. Agreements on cooperation have been concluded, we have already found several potential partners. There was increased interest in our products, the audience was almost 100% target. Summing up the results of this year’s exhibition, I can note that we are planning to participate in the exhibition next year.

Feedback from KIHE 2023 exhibition

Victoria Troneva, Deputy Chairman of the Health Committee of the Volgograd Region:

At the exhibition, we present 20 Volgograd state clinics that also work within the framework of medical tourism. We are very pleased to have heard about this exhibition and to have taken part in it. Because we managed to hold a large number of business meetings, exchange contacts and look at modern technology, which is presented here in a very wide range. They were also able to participate in master classes, and held a seminar themselves as part of the exchange of experience. There was widespread interest from visitors, with a large number of listeners approaching our speakers, exchanging contacts and asking questions. We are therefore pleased that we decided to hold such an event as part of our participation.

KIHE has a very high level of organization. We are planning to take part next year, our committee is working closely with Kazakhstan, as our region borders western Kazakhstan, and we are interested in cooperation and participation in large-scale, international events such as KIHE 2023.

Yrmenova Meruert, Sales Department Manager Center for Social Adaptation and vocational rehabilitation of children and adolescents with mental and Physical disabilities, Center SATR LLP:

Our company has been participating in the KIHE exhibition for more than 20 years. We like it very much, every time we come with a presentation of new equipment, we meet our colleagues and partners. This year the scale of the exhibition is large; previously we chose an equipped stand, this year we have ordered a larger area, brought in new equipment and tried to decorate our exposition. We have been visited by many old partners, as well as many new clinics who are interested in our products. Our centre is a rehabilitation centre, we supply equipment for people with hearing, vision and locomotor disabilities. This year we brought in equipment for diagnosing hearing loss, a new device registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan for hearing screening of newborn infants, technical simulators, vertical levers, special chairs, gravity suits and apparatuses for fine motor development. At the moment, we have already signed a contract for the purchase of a new device, they are already buying directly from the stand. I am very happy with the exhibition, thank you!

Arman Tuleshev, Deputy Director of BTL Kazakhstan LLP:

We try to participate in the KIHE exhibition every year. It interests us with its scale, interest in our products, and high-quality service. We are loyal to each and every one of our clients, we have been known in the market for a long time, and today we have many contracts thanks to the trade fair. We have already booked a place for next year and will take part in 2024. 

Maria Sidorova, Project Manager in Russia and the CIS, Lojer Medical:

This is the first time we have taken part in KIHE as an exhibitor with a stand, we have attended as visitors before. We are interested in this market, as we are manufacturers, and we would like our equipment to be presented in Kazakhstan. I think that the exhibition is the most successful mechanism for primary market entry, to find out information about the market, what people live on, what they are interested in, what problems they have in the area, and to offer solutions to problems with the help of our equipment. As a Finnish medical furniture manufacturer, we offer all types of medical furniture on which patients undergo their treatment. Initially, a gurney is to bring the patient in, followed by examination tables, beds, and rehabilitation massage tables on which recovery from treatment takes place. We have several partners here, who we have been working for a long time with, who are interested in our equipment. There is already good feedback, we were able to resolve some issues at the exhibition. Partners have also emerged to deliver cargo to Kazakhstan from Finland. At the exhibition, we received feedback from old customers and met new ones. Most of them are private clinics, with which we may later sign a contract. The maximum we want to do is talk about ourselves, and show our equipment live, because you either sell and can demonstrate your products straight away, rather than sell "a pig in a poke".

Nosonov Sanal, Deputy General Director for Commercial Affairs of GEO MED LLC:

We have experience of participating in exhibitions in the Russian Federation, in various international healthcare forums, and in Almaty for the first time at the KIHE exhibition.  We really liked it in Kazakhstan, a very good exhibition, everything is organized smartly. We believe that participation in the exhibition is one of the main tools for reaching out to the professional community as much as possible, and we have met representatives from various medical institutions here. Preliminary agreements have been made within the framework of the exhibition. We are now in the process of further interaction and cooperation.

Victor Shil, Head of Marketing Department of MedStandart:

Impressions of the KIHE 2023 exhibition are excellent. This year the scale is much bigger, we didn't expect it ourselves, it's all thanks to the organizers. There are a lot of visitors, there is not even free time – there is a constant process of familiarizing visitors with our company. We have arranged meetings in advance and have also met potential partners here, with whom we have repeatedly negotiated. We have already signed several contracts. We have been preparing very much for this event. Signing a partnership within an exhibition creates a better impression than signing in an office, for example. Our company is the market leader in our field, and we certainly try to show this not only with a stand but also by choosing locations that are convenient for us. We take part every year and plan to take part in the future with a possible expansion of the area.

Karipzhanov Aidos, Commercial Director of Zein Invest LLP:

We are very pleased with the KIHE 2023, we have been exhibiting for a long time and are always pleased with the organisation. We have signed a lot of contracts, and a lot of people have heard about us. We have exposed the equipment to a wide range of visitors. Exhibiting at the fair is for us an 'outing' and is very important, both for our image and to alert our customers and visitors to our new products. We plan to participate next year as well.   

Feedback from KIHE 2022 exhibition

Zvereva Victoria, Head of Department Moscow Export Center (Russia)

I would like to note that the KIHE exhibition is very important and relevant for us. We were at this exhibition in 2019 with our Moscow companies. 12 companies were represented and most of them signed export contracts. Seeing the demand, requests from the market of Kazakhstan and other countries, we understand that this exhibition is a backbone for all CIS countries. That is why this time we made two stands and brought 27 companies. We present here both equipment and pharmaceuticals, consumables and software. We have a lot of innovative projects of non-standard and non-classical equipment that are of interest to the audience. I would also like to note the positive dynamics of the audience. In 2019, there were more participants, but now we note that each of our meetings is specialized. There are very few non-core meetings, and we can re-profil every visitor who came to one company to another, and it turns out that we have a 100% meeting conversion rate. Therefore, thanks to the organizers for attracting such good clients and productive meetings.

Ospanova Azhar, Development Director of TENGRI LLC

This year we are participating in the KIHE exhibition for the first time. Our company is engaged in the supply of large medical equipment: CT, MRI, X-ray, ultrasound, in general, a full range of equipment for visualization. Based on the exhibition, I can say that the organization was carried out at the highest level. The managers fully accompanied us both in the preparation process and during the exhibition. There were seminars organized, which we liked very much. In response to all our wishes and comments, the organization acted very mobilely, some problems were solved, for which we are very grateful. As I have already said, this is the first time we are participating in this exhibition and in the two years of our work we have installed more than 45 objects of large medical equipment, so this exhibition is like a demonstration exhibition for us. We wanted to express ourselves. Here we met a lot of our partners and potential clients, several contracts were signed. I think that the exhibition fully justified our contribution and we are very pleased. I hope that next year we will exhibit as well. Thank you, we express our gratitude to the organizers!

Argentova Victoria, Brand Marketing Specialist Rossa

We are exhibiting at KIHE for the first time. We are part of the national Uzbek stand "Made in Uzbekistan". The stand presents 11 pharmaceutical companies that are engaged in the production of pharmaceutical products on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Impressions about the exhibition are only positive. I would like to note that the main visitors of the exhibition are professionals and specialists. This is a big plus. During the exhibition, our main task and goals are to establish, first of all, partnerships, find potential customers, and increase the export potential of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Participation in such events helps to demonstrate the company's products, find partners, conduct a dialogue with them and, in general, acquaint the public with what Uzbekistan can do. From the side of visitors there was a great interest in our stand, the visitors were surprised that everything is produced in Uzbekistan, that there are production sites, large research centers for product development. We are pleased that a lot of people visited our booth during the first two days of the exhibition. If possible, we plan to come next year. We would like to express our gratitude to the pharmaceutical agency of Uzbekistan for their support in the participation of our company at the stand.

Sisengaliyeva Gulmira, General Director of KAZMEDEQ LLP

Our company was founded in 2014. The company currently represents 12 different directions. Our main strategic goal is to contribute to the development of healthcare. The company, in addition to the delivery of medical equipment, develops new methods of treatment and their subsequent implementation. Therefore, we are interested in presenting to Kazakhstan the latest technologies, effective methods of treatment, new innovative equipment, which altogether allow us to improve the level of service to our population. The company annually participates in exhibitions in Almaty, Nur-Sultan, and in international events. We are always pleased that our potential customers, the public sector, private medical centers can see the new innovative technologies available today, the acceptability of our prices. Therefore, the KIHE exhibition is our main marketing activity.

Izhik Kirill, Commercial Director of Medical Store

Impressions from participation in the KIHE exhibition are positive, there are many guests here. We have been preparing diligently for a long time, so we are very happy to welcome all visitors. We are waiting for new potential customers, the audience has an interest in our products. The main part of the audience is specialized - a lot of doctors, a lot of owners of medical institutions who are active and keenly interested. Today, the search for partners is very relevant. Therefore, exhibitions should be held, thereby attracting advanced technology companies, IT companies, doctors, owners, to demonstrate all the novelty and developments. We wanted to show our equipment, to show ourselves, because telephone sales are not personal communication. I think that the exhibition is very useful, one of the tasks is to get acquainted with both business partners and clients. A lot of pluses, a lot of acquaintances. We have sales. On the first day of the exhibition, everyone got acquainted, and today they come and buy equipment.