Feedback of KIHE 2024 visitors

Lyudmila Gubina, Medtech LLC

This is my second time visiting the exhibition; the first time was last year. I really liked the scope and number of manufacturers represented. We, as one of the largest distributors in Russia, are interested in the development of our product portfolio. Almaty is a platform of growth, Kazakhstan is our friendly country, where we can look at the exposition in a good mood, get acquainted with the products presented and get new contacts. We are confident that we will find partners here who will be useful to us in our work and we will be useful to them too.

Aziz Gaziyev, Manager of Asian

This is my ninth time visiting the exhibition. This year’s exhibition is much larger and more organized. There is a very large flow of visitors, interesting stands of participants and unique products presented at the exhibition. We found a lot of companies that are interesting for us to work with, with interesting equipment, and every year the equipment becomes more and more modern. We have not yet concluded a partnership agreement, as we are still searching, but I think that by the end of the exhibition we will definitely conclude long-term contracts.

Kamila Samat, Commercial Director of Sales&ServiceGroup LLP

I visit the KIHE exhibition every year. I really like the organization, the stands are decorated very properly. Today is the first day of the exhibition and we are looking for suppliers with whom we will enter into long-term contracts and work together. We already work with many of the companies that are represented here in Kazakhstan. I believe that the exhibition is a unique platform where we meet current partners and find new partners, especially from neighboring countries.

Yevgeniy Keller, Director of E.N.T. Company

This is my fifth year visiting the exhibition. The impressions are very good. The exhibition is an educational and useful platform for broadening the horizons. KIHE provides an opportunity for a large number of new acquaintances and development of medicine, thanks to the services and products presented. We came to find new partners, new companies that will be interesting for us to work with. I am sure that we will definitely conclude cooperation agreements.

Yekaterina Strizhak, Sales Manager of ISHYM MEDICAL LLP

This is my first time visiting the exhibition. I am very impressed by how our medicine is developing. There are many new innovative solutions, for example diagnostics, which greatly helps us, doctors. I found companies with which I would be interested in working in the future, we exchanged business cards and contact numbers. We will negotiate and sign contracts if there are favorable offers.

Oksana Kazantseva, Production Technologist of Dolce LLP

This is my first time visiting an exhibition in Kazakhstan; before that I visited an exhibition in Russia. I am very impressed, this is the first time I have seen such a scale. I usually visited exhibitions dedicated to certain branches of medicine. And at KIHE, various products, including medicine, manufacturing, laboratory work, consumables and supplies, equipment and services are presented. One of the big advantages of this event is that I met a lot of friends from the industry. I also found companies that are useful and interesting for me to work with for the development of my production workshop.

Andrey Trochshinskiy, Head of the Department of Foreign Economic Activity of ACADEMPHARM

This is my first time at the KIHE exhibition. The impressions are amazing. We will definitely come again and I think we will exhibit ourselves. We have found companies we want to work with, held productive meetings, and are negotiating with partners. We hope that the negotiations will be the beginning of long-term contracts that will benefit the development of the industry and the emergence of new innovative solutions.

Feedback of KIHE 2023 visitors

Tulekeyev Bektemir, Director of Miramed & Co. LLC (Kyrgyzstan):

I came as part of a delegation from Bishkek. KIHE 2023 is better and bigger than in previous years, the organization is very good and the staff are all friendly. My job profile is medical devices, I do not work directly with equipment. I visit the Almaty KIHE exhibition every year.  This year I have found good partners for myself, I think we will cooperate in the future. 

Oleg Filonsky, Director of Vitaomed LLC (Russia):

My colleagues and I came from Russia. This is the second day in a row that we have visited the exhibition. The exhibition is strong, we like it. Your main domestic producers and distributors are represented, there are many producers from Europe, Russia and China. The exhibition is interesting because the markets differ. We are interested in the specifics of the Kazakhstani market because life is not about walking in place but moving mainly upwards, we need to grow along with the market.   Compared to the Russian market, there is a difference in conditions and prices in Kazakhstan. You live in a very good country where there is an opportunity to develop a business.

Maria Konfederatova, Head of the Development Department of Uni Help LLC (Kyrgyzstan):

We visit the KIHE 2023 exhibition in Almaty every year. Our company is a distributor of many manufacturers of the world's EU countries. The Almaty Exhibition is one of the most significant exhibitions in the CIS countries. The exhibition, as always, is top-notch, the stands are all beautiful, the organization is decent, and it is as interesting as possible. We were pleased to see that the stands were full of equipment and products. Many direct suppliers and manufacturers participate, as well as equally interesting local distributors. For us, working with Kazakhstan is just as interesting and efficient as working directly with producers. We have a lot of signed contracts with the manufacturers that are exhibited here. We have scheduled meetings with them. We also found new products for ourselves that we hadn't seen before. Our engineers receive training at manufacturers' stands, which is very effective and interesting.  It's great that the exhibition in Almaty can give such an opportunity to companies. 

I really liked the exhibition, a lot of visitors, a lot of stands. We'll come again.

Nvard Matinyan, Director of Medical Devices Registration Cliff (Russia):

My colleagues and I came from Russia, Moscow. We are visiting the KIHE 2023 exhibition for the first time.  The exhibition is organized at the highest level, we have previously attended exhibitions in Tashkent and Bishkek. Kazakhstan is in the first place in terms of organization. The stands are beautifully decorated, the manufacturers have all catalog products. It was a little disappointing that there were fewer representatives from the factories themselves this time, but a great many dealers. Regarding the composition of the participants, it is very relevant. All participants are represented in the medical segment, there are no unnecessary related industries. It is also very pleasing that there are many Kazakh companies here. We have discovered for ourselves that there are many factories and industries in Kazakhstan. We have started to look at Kazakh producers differently.

I believe that the exhibition is really of an international level. We have seen many partners here who we meet in different cities and countries with. We plan to visit annually. Thanks!

Anastassia Serdyuk, Lead Purchasing Manager of Karaganda Pharmaceutical Complex LLP (Kazakhstan):

I am visiting the KIHE 2023 exhibition for the first time. The exhibition is organized very well. Many new manufacturers and suppliers are being exhibited, and many proven companies are represented with stands, who we are happy to meet here with, and who we used to keep in touch with via mail or phone. The pavilions are well laid out and different from each other, so you can orientate yourself in the right direction. Very friendly participants who are interested in new customers. There is an opportunity to conclude a productive partnership for the future. Here we are looking for suppliers for our production: consumables, chemical reagents. At the moment, we have agreed to cooperate with several suppliers.  We plan to visit the exhibition in the future. 

Serikbosynova Perizat, Sales Manager of Adal Medica Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan):

I am visiting the KIHE 2023 exhibition for the first time. I liked everything very much. We look, get acquainted, try. I came to visit representatives of certain companies, and meetings were held to discuss cooperation, and the first steps towards a partnership have already been taken.

Alexander Astashkin, Director of Huber-Service LLC (Russia):

The exhibition is amazing. It took us an hour and a half just to inspect half of the exposition. Although I thought we would have managed the whole exhibition in that time. We lingered at almost every stand and met several companies with which we are already cooperating. There are a couple of companies we might partner with, they are interested in our product. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the exhibition, as we are in the pharmaceutical industry, I expected there to be more of a health sector, and medical centre devices, but we found manufacturers of pharmaceuticals here as well. All is good, there are still rich meetings and conversations about cooperation ahead with many participants.

Vladimir Krupenin, Director of Kadian Company (Belarus):

At the KIHE 2023 exhibition, we immediately signed contracts and met with certain companies. The participants showed interest in our products, which we will be able to supply to the market of Kazakhstan. We have agreed on the registration of our products. The exhibition justified our hopes.

Raphael Tashkenbayev, Manager of Goodway Logistics (Kazakhstan):

We visit the KIHE exhibition for the 4th time, we try to visit it annually. Compared to last year, there has been an increase in scale. A wonderful exhibition, many participants, prepared interesting, large stands. We met a lot of company representatives - it was effective networking and we got interesting information for ourselves. The new partnership will be known at the end of the exhibition, but so far so good. 

Feedback of KIHE 2022 visitors

Zinatulina Irina, EcoPharm purchasing department

I can say that I have been visiting this exhibition for the last ten years. Repeatedly participated in it as a participant, now I visit as a guest. We represent domestic production - the EcoPharm International manufacturer. This is a manufacturer for the production of vacuum blood sampling systems, vacuum test tubes, needles, needle holders. Working in EcoPharm International, the exhibition gives us exactly what we need. We can always find here medical equipment, consumables, meet new interesting people. KIHE gives you the opportunity to promote your products. Everything is very informative, the site is very good, friendly atmosphere. There are also regular seminars, which are really very useful for the manufacturer, the consumer, and the patients. All in all, it's good for all of us. We expand our horizons, learn and teach others.

Saule Zhulovchina, TND manager

I visit the KIHE exhibition every year. Previously, our company had its stand, but this year we are not exhibiting, so I wanted to get acquainted with new manufacturers. There are a lot of foreign suppliers, which is good, because they are quite competitive. The equipment in the exposition is updated, modern and functional. The exhibition after the break turned out to be very lively, I liked it.

Kryachko Vladimir, Sales Manager MedEx Plus

I liked the KIHE exhibition. I visit it because of my work. There are a lot of new manufacturers, many representatives of large medical companies. The participants are interesting, I'm sure that I can find something useful for myself.

Daniyar Diana, director of Future Health

Unfortunately, we were not able to exhibit this year and are now here as visitors. The exhibition is very interesting, we managed to find consulting companies with which we want to cooperate in the future. Two or three companies in Europe, which also provide their services for the supply of medical devices, medicines. In general, a very positive review of the exhibition. We are a young company, and this is my first time at such an international exhibition, I really liked it. Thanks to the organizers for doing their best.

Lapuzenka Oleksandr, Vivafarm Production Director

Our company is a domestic manufacturer from the city of Almaty. We were invited to the exhibition by partners - equipment manufacturers. The exhibition is more focused on manufacturers working in the medical industry than on the pharmaceutical industry. But, nevertheless, we found a lot of interesting things for ourselves in purified water, raw materials for pharmacy, industrial equipment, manufacturers of gloves, since we use sterile gloves in production. We made new contacts for ourselves, noted new suppliers. In general, the organization of the exhibition is very worthy, I liked everything. We definitely plan to visit KIHE again next year.