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Zalma Ltd is a distributor of laboratory equipment and accessorizes of world-known companies with high reputation and quality. Zalma Ltd operated since 2007 and has stable good relationships with its suppliers and loyal customers. We have extensive experience in the market; we follow the technological innovations and make them available to local companies.

Our core business is the implementation of advanced laboratory technology, preparation and realization of complex solutions for local laboratories. By "complex solutions" we mean complete equipping of laboratories with complex and specialized laboratory equipment, laboratory furniture, accessories and supplies; warranty and post-warranty support, training of laboratory staff, both on the basis of the customer, and on the basis of manufacturer, assistance in obtaining all necessary permits and state accreditation of laboratories.

We have partner relationships with laboratories specialized in medical, judicial, agricultural and food industry and with research institutes, institutions of quality control and standardization, international organizations and foundations.

Our competitive advantage is understanding the major challenges faced by our customers, and the application of the most efficient and constructive methods of solutions. This is achieved, because of high professionalism of our employees, and secondary due to our reliable suppliers - the leading manufacturers of laboratory equipment and materials, such brands as Applied Biosystems™, Invitrogen™, Affymetrix™, Gibco™, Molecular

Probes™,eBioscience™ and Ion Torrent™ ,Foster and Freeman™ and other.
Our main supplier - Thermo Fisher Scientific™ - offers a broad range of products and services, from hardware to everyday laboratory materials, guarantees quality and performance for every lab, every application.

Our employers implemented a number of large-scale projects, which were highly appreciated by many government and corporate clients.

We know and understand our customers and closely follow the market development of leading laboratory technology, quickly implement the latest technology into day to day work of local laboratories. We are always ready to provide the maximum assistance and support to our customers.

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