The 27th Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition - KIHE 2022 will be held on May 18-20 in Atakent Exhibition Centre in Almaty. More than 170 companies from Belarus, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Kazakhstan, China, Poland, Russia, Uzbekistan, and the Czech Republic are currently registered as exhibitors.

During 27 years, KIHE has made a significant contribution to the development of domestic medicine, each year identifying current trends, current industry issues and the vector of their further solutions. KIHE is recognized by industry professionals as the key medical exhibition of the country for its contribution to the country's healthcare system and improving the skills of medical professionals through the demonstration of modern equipment and specialized seminars. This is evidenced by the constantly expanding geography of the exhibitors. In 2022, domestic manufacturers and suppliers account for 40% of the exhibitors; stands will be presented by such companies as Ordamed, BTL Kazakhstan, Dolce-Pharm, Bioline-Kazakhstan, OST-PHARM, Scientific and Clinical Center of Cardiac Surgery and Transplantology, Medilux, Amir&D and others. Russian companies make up 35% and take part both with individual expositions and as part of collective stands of Moscow Export Center, Republic of Tatarstan, Samara, Novosibirsk and Sverdlovsk regions. Belarusian enterprises traditionally participate individually and as part of Belpharmprom Holding. Stand of the Export Promotion Agency under the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade of Uzbekistan will present at KIHE 2022 Exhibition more than 10 domestic enterprises involved in medical and pharmaceutical industries.  The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic will introduce specialists with the products and services of Czech manufacturers. IVD GROUP and NEUROFORMA / TITANIS LTD (Polish companies) will bring the latest domestic developments, and the Polish Tourist Organization will introduce visitors to the opportunities in medical tourism.

Traditionally the participants will present new medical, laboratory, diagnostic and rehabilitation equipment, a wide range of medicines, consumables, medical products, surgical instruments, optics and ophthalmology.

After the Coronavirus pandemic, the future of public healthcare and biosafety is important to Kazakhstan, as it is important to the entire global community. Point 3 in the Sustainable Development Goals of the Republic of Kazakhstan, adopted by our state, is to ensure a healthy lifestyle and promote the well-being and health of the nation for all ages. President K.-J. Tokayev also repeatedly mentioned this in his address to the nation. "There should be a Country National Biosecurity Forecasting System. As part of Healthy Nation project we should envisage equipping at least 12 laboratories with high-tech equipment, which will raise the level of our laboratories to international standards up to 90%. The medical industry needs a lot of funding. It's about infrastructure, human resources, and medical care," said the President.

The entire medical professional community needs a unified platform, where representatives of the state apparatus, manufacturers and suppliers of medical and pharmaceutical sectors, scientists and experts can effectively discuss the current state of affairs, as well as determine the path of further development of the healthcare system, exchange experiences with foreign colleagues, as well as improve their professional level. KIHE annually serves as such a platform, from year to year increasing the significance of the exhibition for the development of healthcare in our country.

In addition to the exhibition, the participants will have a rich business program. Training seminars, master classes and presentations will be continuously organized in two halls during the three days. Thus, a seminar-conference on "Topical Issues of Planning and Design of Medical Organization" organized by Turar Healthcare will be held on May 18 in the Conference Hall. Almaty Management University (AlmaU) will hold training seminars "Promotion and sale of paid medical services" and "Patient-centered service as a tool to attract customers" for managers and marketers of public and private medical institutions on May 18 and 19 to improve their skills. The first day of the KIHE 2022 event will end with a practical seminar by 103.kz on "Medical Marketing and Work with the Reputation of a Medical Facility". Educational seminars on medical marketing and promotion of medical services will certainly help representatives of medical institutions to take a new look at methods of attracting customers and establish a truly customer-oriented service.

On May 18, the seminar room will feature narrowly focused master classes from Ordamed on ultrasound and EEG capabilities, and functional neurosurgeon Chingiz Shashkin will lead a seminar on innovations in neurosurgery.

On May 19, the Conference Hall will begin with a presentation and discussion on "Training of nursing staff as the basis for successful healthcare," followed by a joint conference on "Health&Safety" on lunch time organized by the Representative Office of the German Economy in Central Asia, the Union of the German Economy in the Republic of Kazakhstan (UGE) and the BeNiLux Chamber of Commerce Association. In the seminar room, specialists from Ordamed, Agros-International, and Diara Plus will hold training narrowly focused master classes.

On May 20, on the final day of the exhibition, the Federation of Laboratory Medicine NGO will hold a conference "Antibiotic resistance - new challenges in healthcare" with the participation of healthcare workers of different specialties, researchers and representatives of the scientific community.

A session on first aid for anaphylaxis from FIRSTAID.KZ will be useful for visitors. FORTIS PAI's seminar on Modern Respiratory Support Options in Neonatology will also be held in the seminar area, and MEDSTANDARD will talk about changes to the national procedure registration and inspection process.

Presentations and master classes for specialists, organized at the exhibitors' stands, will be held in addition to the events in the two halls.

The organizer of the exhibition is Iteca Kazakhstan Exhibition Company.

The KIHE 2022 Exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty City Akimat, Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of Kazakhstan, Eurasian Medical Association, and Association of Support and Development of Pharmaceutical Activities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

More information about the event - the list of participants and the schedule of the business program can be found on the official website at www.kihe.kz