Healthcare Professionals Getting Together in Almaty

On May 11-13 the Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition, KIHE 2016, is held in the City of Almaty for the 23rd time. The event is being organised by Iteca together with its international partners: ITE Group Plc (The Great Britain), GIMA (Germany), EUF (Turkey), ITE China (China), ITE Asia Pacific (Malaysia) and ITE Gulf (The UAE).

The event is going to be attended by manufacturers and suppliers of medical, laboratory, diagnostic, dental equipment and appliances, medicinal products, expenditure materials, clothing, surgical in-struments, diet food and products, ophthalmology and optics and medical services.

The KIHE exposition annually presents approximately 300 companies from 20 countries of the world. The exhibition is visited by more than 4,500 healthcare professionals, including official rep-resentatives of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, industrial departments and associations, heads of medical establishments, emergency department, heads of pharmacies and other specialists of the industry during three business days.

Health and Wellness and Medical Tourism has been presented as a separate exposition within the KIHE for three years running now. In this year exposition services are going to be presented by medical centres and clinics of Germany, Kazakhstan, Russia and South Korea.

The medical sector is traditionally regulated by the government in Kazakhstan, and at present, as the country has joined the WTO, special attention is paid to compliance of the national medicine with the international standards. Densaulyk 2016-2019, the state healthcare development programme of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was initiated in 2016. According to the programme, the medical community is assigned the tasks to improve health of the Kazakhstani. The principal purposes of the programme include increase in the lifespan up to 73 by 2020; improvement of the financing and management system in healthcare; introduction of compulsory social medical insurance by 2017; further development of transport medicine, including ambulance aviation, emergency health services and telehealthcare services, a network of mobile pharmacies, and other purposes designated for development of medicine.

Therefore, the top priority tasks of reformation of the industry in the nearest years shall include in-troduction of the unified informational health care system and the unified medicinal product distri-bution system; establishment, equipment and upgrade of medical establishments, including on the basis of public and private partnership; increase in the overall production of national pharmaceutical and medicinal products; improvement of the diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation system; and increase in accessibility and quality of medical services.

According to the analytical data, the top priority sectors of the medical equipment market are elec-tric medical, diagnostic and dental equipment.

In its turn, KIHE 2016 and specialised events held within the framework thereof enable personal contact with potential and regular customers, this audience being unique, as well as visual demon-stration of products and exploration of the competitive environment.

KIHE 2016 is officially supported by the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty City Akimat, Almaty Health Care Department, Control Committee of Medical and Pharmaceutical of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic State Enterprise on the Basis of Economic Control Rights “National Centre for Expertise of Medicines, Medical Devices and Medical Equipment” of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the National Medical Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The official website of the exhibition is

KIHE 2015 Numbers and Facts:

  • 19% of the participants have entered into contracts at the exhibition.
  • 25% of the participants have executed letters of intent.
  • The exhibition has come to the expectations of 44% of the participants, 30% expect the result in the nearest future.
  • 84% of the participants are planning to exhibit at KIHE 2016.
  • The exhibition is of professional interest for 77% of the visitors.
  • 51% of the visitors have claimed to influence procurement decisions, and 23% to have a final say in pro-curement decisions.
  • 87 % of the visitors are satisfied with the range presented at the exhibition.
  • 77% of the visitors are attending the exhibition next year, 23% will probably come.