Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition

13-15 May 2020

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Presentation of the Draft Plan of Measures for Densaulyk program implementation

What are the mechanisms for the implementation of public-private partnership in the health sector? May entrepreneurs participate in the development of a unified health infrastructure? Will the change of tenge to US dollar exchange rate affect the formation of price limits? Will pharmaceutical products price mechanism be optimized and will access of private-sector to laboratory testing and the provision of medical services within the guaranteed volume of free medical care (GVFMC) and obligatory social medical insurance (OSMI) be expanded?

birtanov 1

These and other issues were discussed at the meeting in NCE RK "Atameken" held with the participation of the Vice-Minister of Health and Social Development Mr. Elzhan Birtanov, representatives of business communities, industry associations, regional chambers of entrepreneurs.

Presenting the Draft Plan of Measures for the implementation of the Public Health Development Program "Densaulyk" for 2016–2019, Vice-Minister of Health and Social Development Mr. Elzhan Birtanov noted that the document is designed to promote public health for guaranteeing sustainable socioeconomic development of the country. The project involves the development of public health, creation of public health services (PHS) and the development of inter-sectoral cooperation, the establishment of public health priorities and the determination of a national infrastructure for the creation of PHS.

Expected results from the program for the state: universal / general coverage of health care; joint responsibility of citizens and their interest in strengthening their health; sustainable health care system that allows to balance the volume of consumption of services and costs; mobilization of private investment and experience of health care management; increase in resource efficiency.

For employers: improving the quality of labour resources; shared responsibility for the development of public health; opportunity for investment in the health sector.

For the medical industry: steady funding aimed at the final result; improvement of the system of remuneration of labour: i. e. the opportunity to receive a competitive salary; introduction of new medical technologies and the timely updating of fixed assets; development of information technologies.

Vice-Minister of Health and Social Development Elzhan Birtanov also answered the questions of entrepreneurs who were interested in the introduction of public–private partnerships (PPPs) in health care, private sector participation in the development of a unified health infrastructure, optimization of pricing mechanism for pharmaceutical products and the expansion of the private sector access to laboratory testing and the provision of medical services in GVFMC and OSMI, development of voluntary health insurance, and the introduction of mechanisms for co-payment for medical services in optional medical insurance (OMI) at the expense of OSMI.