Feedback from KIHE 2019 EXHIBITORS

Georgy Soin, Head of the Department of General Exporter Support of the Moscow Export Center

The Moscow Export Center and Moscow-based companies are participating in the KIHE 2019 Healthcare Exhibition for the first time. Our exporters are pleased and think that the event is held at a high level. On the first day alone, more than 125 meetings took place. Following the results of KIHE 2019, our companies have signed 7 agreements of intent. I believe this exhibition was a success for us. We will spare no effort to participate in KIHE 2020 next year.

Мarina Dankevich, Marketing Specialist of the Medonika company

Our company has been participating in the KIHE exhibition for more than five years. It was this year that it was important for the company to take part in the Healthcare exhibition to demonstrate our partnership with Siemens Healthineers, a German manufacturer. In 2018, Medonica became the official partner for the sale of Siemens equipment. I think the exhibition is going well. In the following year, we also plan to participate in KIHE 2020.

During these three days, we not only demonstrated a high-ranking ultrasound, but also conducted approximately 75 ultrasound examinations. In addition, we demonstrated the PRIMUS Bone Densitometer. In general, we examined nearly 250 visitors of the exhibition. One of the missions of our company is to provide information to people about diseases and refer them to medical examinations in time.

Tatyana Shohordina, CIS manager of Reper-NN

It is the first time we are partaking in the KIHE 2019. This event was very interesting to our company. We are pleased with the organization and program of the event. Thank you very much! As we decided to go to the exhibition, we have set a goal - the promotion of our products and search for our new partners. As a result, we have a lot of contacts, prospective distributors. Upon returning home, we will take the matters of collaboration into careful consideration. In the coming year we are, obviously, planning on participating in the KIHE 2020 Healthcare Exhibition.

Alryngul Usayeva, Marketing Manager of the Surgicare Kazakhstan company

Participation in the KIHE exhibition has become somewhat of a tradition. Our company has been presenting its equipment and services from the day the exhibition was first held. Surgicare Kazakhstan is the part of the OrdaMed Group of Companies, which is the general partner of the Healthcare Exhibition. As in the past, the event is high-profile, and we are very satisfied with how the exhibition is going. This year, our most important task at the KIHE 2019 was warehouse liquidation. We are pleased with the results. In the next year, we will certainly be part of the exhibition again.

Vasily Ogorodnikov, Regional Director of OrdaMed Kazakhstan LLP

The Group of OrdaMed Kazakhstan companies takes part in the Healthcare KIHE Exhibition every year. By being a participant of the exhibition, a big group such as ourselves shows the contribution that we make to healthcare and the development of medicine. I would like to highlight the scale of the event: the doctors come to get acquainted with the new products, talk directly with the specialists of the companies and ask them questions; specialists from related industries and ordinary people are here to undergo diagnosis and consultation. This year the organization is top-notch, we can see that the visitors are satisfied. As is our custom, we will also participate in the exhibition in the forthcoming year.