Welcome Letters 2014

Dear participants and guests of KIHE 2014!

I welcome you at the 21st Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition - KIHE 2014 on behalf of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For now the Healthcare Exhibition - KIHE 2014 is one of the biggest platforms in Kazakhstan where the world-known and national manufacturers of new treatment and diagnostic technologies, medical and pharmaceutical products participate actively.

Our President N.A.Nazarbaev expresses the necessity to achieve the objective and to enter TOP-30 of the world developed states in his message to the people of Kazakhstan «Kazakhstan-2050: Our objective, interests, future» paying special attention to the measures directed on the reforms in the healthcare sector.

The Salamatty Kazakhstan 2011-2015 program sets the medical society to strengthen health of the Kazakhstan citizens by improving the quality of medical services in order to achieve the high level of competitive ability of our country.

The measures taken by the state are directed on the business support of the important sectors of economics such as pharmaceutical sphere, attracting of the new technologies according to the international GMP standards, development and growth of the number of the manufacturers of the qualitative and affordable national pharmaceutical products.

Due to the fastest growing national pharmaceutical industry the purchase rate of the national manufactures of the medical goods and devices grew up to 75.9% in 2013 through the system of the sole distribution.

The annual exhibition gives the excellent opportunity to find out more about the innovative achievements in healthcare, new medical and scientific perspectives, highly technological treatment methods, and information interchange regarding the measures directed on the improvement of health of the citizens of Kazakhstan.

Good luck to all participants and guests of the exhibition!

Best regards,

S. Kairbekova


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

On behalf of the Akimat of Almaty I would like to welcome all the participants and guests of the 21th Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition "KIHE 2014".

An international healthcare exhibition has become a good tradition and has gained particular significance in light of the implementation of quality healthcare reforms.

As a rule, "KIHE" offers a wide range of medical products, services and companies of different specializations from manufacturers, dealers and distributors of medical equipment to drug manufacturers, laboratories, disinfectants and other products used in medicine.

"KIHE 2014" exhibition within the context of the exchange of experience and establishing professional contacts between representatives of various medical fields is undoubtedly aimed at improving the national healthcare system.

Such format of events is relevant today, as it allows to implement the innovative technologies in routine practice and to use the modern equipment for qualitative changes in the healthcare system as a whole.

Events within «KIHE» exhibition allow raising the most critical issues of Kazakhstan healthcare system, for decision of which the dialogue between government representatives and healthcare professionals is extremely important.

I wish all the participants and guests of the exhibition successful and fruitful work, new business partners and professional plans achievement!

Akim of Almaty
Akhmetzhan Yesimov


Dear Organizers and Exhibitors of the KIHE 2014 Healthcare Exhibition!

On behalf of the National Medical Holding and myself personally, I congratulate the organizers, exhibitors and guests of the KIHE 2014 Healthcare Exhibition with its opening!

Kazakhstan International KIHI Exhibition is widely known not only in Kazakhstan, but beyond its borders as well. It is here that professionals from the world's medical industry have the opportunity, annually, to find out about the latest developments in the area of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and healthy lifestyle products.

Today, a number of serious reforms are underway in domestic healthcare, such as the implementation of the Unified National Healthcare System, the goal of which is the creation of new stimuli for the medical services providers and to increase the quality and technological advancement of medical care. This is resulting in the need for fundamental modernization in healthcare system infrastructure and the applied management technologies.

The National Medical Holding is in the centre of all of the transformations occurring in our healthcare, and plays a key role in their implementation.

I express certainty that the KIHE 2014 Healthcare Exhibition will be beneficial for all the exhibitors and will facilitate the creation of favourable conditions for increasing the availability of technical equipment for domestic treatment and prophylactic institutions, which will subsequently have an effect of improving the quality of medical care in Kazakhstan.

I wish all the exhibitors and guests of the exhibition successful and fruitful work, substantial results and new achievements.

With Warmest Wishes,

Chairman of the Board
Kenneth Alibek


Dear Exhibitors and Guests!

On behalf of the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan I greet and congratulate you with the opening of the 21st Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition - KIHE 2014.

Over the years of its existence KIHE exhibition became the most important event in the field of health care. It won the international fame and reputation of the largest and most prestigious exhibition in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, promoting the demonstration and introduction of modern medical science and practical health care.
We are very pleased with the participation of Russian companies, which is a proof of their success in this market.

With all my heart I wish the exhibitors and guests of the Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition KIHE 2014 fruitful contacts, achievement of aims defined for this event, gaining of new partners and friends, success and luck in a professional field!

TTrade Representative of the Russian Federation
in the Republic of Kazakhstan
A.V. Yakovlev


Dear colleagues!

It is a great pleasure for me to congratulate you on the opening of our professional Forum the 21st Kazakhstan International Exhibition "Healthcare" - KIHE 2014.

The exhibition traditionally convenes the medical industry professionals, helps to be in step with the times and provides an opportunity to make acquainted with the new offers from the manufacturers of medical equipment and the pharmaceutical industry to make use of the latest achievements in practice for the benefit of human health.

Undoubtedly, in the age of information technology, the Internet provides an opportunity to find any information, nevertheless nothing can replace human interaction. That is why industry professionals look forward to the KIHE exhibition.

For the 21 years of its existence, the KIHE exhibition has become the central event for the medical and pharmaceutical community of Kazakhstan. In 2014, more than 200 medical companies participate in the exhibition. This fact demonstrates long-term interests of firms, confirms their looking for a long-term cooperation to solve major problems facing Kazakhstan's health care sector.

On behalf of the Association I wish the organizers and participants of the exhibition new ideas and successes. I would like to wish visitors that your hopes to come up to expectations, and the exhibition to help to increase your professional knowledge and to achieve professional goals.

V. Lokshin

President of the Association of International pharmaceutical manufacturers in the Republic of Kazakhstan, MD, professor, associate member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Dear colleagues and friends!

On behalf of the National Medical Association we are glad to welcome participants and guests of the 21st Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition KIHE 2014. 21 year is a solid date, which symbolizes sustainability in the market and first of all the necessity of this event for our medical community.

This exhibition undoubtedly helps to attract due attention to medicine issues, as one of the most important healthcare industries of Kazakhstan. KIHE 2014 is a discussing platform for solving pressing issues and problems in the field of healthcare.

We wish all participants and guests of the Exhibition the achievement of desired goals, fruitful work and new business partners.

Yours faithfully,

Aizhan Sadykova

President of National Medical Association,
Candidate of Medical Sciences, General Director of Institute of Psychology and Psychotherapy.


JSC Medtechnika welcomes exhibitors, managers, participants and organizers, all those working for the success of the 21st Kazakhstan International Exhibition "Healthcare"- KIHE 2014.

The exhibition KIHE has established itself as a showcase of all the latest achievements in the field of health care, a place for meeting old friends and making new ones.

Although the exhibition is intended primarily for professionals, practitioners, and entrepreneurs, getting acquainted with the achievements of medical progress will be interesting for anyone who cares about health. The exhibition has become a bridge between companies-manufacturers and companies-distributors of medical products. From year to year more new companies coming into the market of Kazakhstan and find business partners during the exhibition KIHE.

The medical equipment market is developing rapidly, explosively, offering more and more new technology, rejecting the old, inefficient technology. The aim of this exhibition is to help professionals in the mastering of a new range of medical equipment, and the manufacturers of medical equipment to proudly demonstrate the advanced design of their products, to give new impetus to the development of their business in Kazakhstan and to get their direction in a competitive situation.

Dear Sirs, we wish you fruitful work, success in business, reliable partners and implementation of professional plans.

N.Yu. Shramchenko
General Director JSC Medtechnika


Dear Exhibitors and Guests,

On behalf of GiMA International Exhibition Group GmbH we would like to welcome all exhibitors and visitors at the leading healthcare event in Central Asia - KIHE 2014.

KIHE is the perfect business platform for establishing and strengthening valuable contacts at the healthcare market of Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

Kazakhstan is an important trade partner of the European Union and especially in the healthcare sector German high standard technology is required for the modernisation of hospitals, specialised clinics and medical practices. Therefore, numerous German companies have been cooperating with Kazakh partners for many years.

At KIHE 2014, Germany is present with an official national pavilion for the 7th time in a row.
24 participants are taking advantage of this official presentation, organised by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) in cooperation with the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA) and the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEI).

Particularly we would like to thank all individuals, government bodies, companies and associations which were involved to make KIHE as successful as it is today.

We wish all participants and visitors a successful exhibition and we are looking forward to seeing you at the next show in 2015.

GiMA International Exhibition Group GmbH

Mathias Lauk
Managing Director

Sandra Buchholz
Head of Sales


Dear distinguished public and health organization leaders and representatives, who are giving service to all humanity of our world!

Welcome to Medical Travel Exhibition and Conference MTEC. Almaty – 2014!

As Founding Chairman of the Global Healthcare Travel Council, I am very proud and honored to be a part of MTEC. Almaty–2014 and I am thankful to my partners, who organized this great Exhibition and Conference.
The millennium year became a new era for exporting health and wellness services to humanity from its producing centers. Conservative rules and barriers thrown up by local authorities have been the largest obstacle of these developments. However, with the growing necessities of these services, large health service gaps between countries and limited financial sources will show us that this development is essential for the future.

Today's world health expenses have reached 6 trillion USD. Every day it is growing, and soon, it will become an unsustainable situation.

A 2013 WHO report shows, that at 11 USD per citizen, Eritrea has the lowest health care financing. The highest is in Luxembourg, at 8262 USD per citizen. These figures are a very clear example of the huge gaps in health care coverage figures between the countries.

A Health Affairs magazine article said that in 2013, we spent 750 billion USD on unnecessary health services. This amount of money would have been enough to extricate all of Africa's health epidemics. To spend carefully, for only the best quality services, and at reasonable prices needs to be our mutual goal. We need to avoid wasting valuable financial resources.

Since 2011, totally inorganic heart operations have begun, which has saved many lives with these new technological advances. Each passing day, new technologies are being developed which produce new organs for our bodies. Someday in the near future, it is very possible half of our bodies will operate on these man made organs, prolonging our lives.

As executives of these tasks ahead of us, we have a responsibility to create new ways of providing equal and quality health services to the world, to humanity. We need to come together to overcome all these obstacles, in order to be able to give a healthy world to a new generation.

As Global Healthcare Travel Council, "Our long term vision is to become a model organization for promotion and delivery of healthcare services to all world citizens"

I wish you to have successful Exhibition and Congress and please, remember, that "Global Healthcare for all!"

Sincerely yours,

Emin Cakmak
Founding Chairman Global Healthcare Travel Council


Dear Exhibitors and Guests,

On behalf of EUF / ITE - TURKEY it is an honor to welcome you in KIHE 2014 which is being held in Kazakhstan, Almaty over 20 years.

We would like to thank you for believing in Kazakhstan's economic potential and how KIHE will be rewarding for your company.

At KIHE 2014, Turkey is present with many esteemed medical tourism companies as well as companies from healthcare industry.

We are sure that KIHE will be a success again in order to build new business relations and strengthening the existing ties.

Particularly we would like to thank all individuals, government bodies, companies and associations which were involved to make KIHE as successful as it is today.

We wish all participants and visitors a successful exhibition and we are looking forward to seeing you at the next show in 2015.

Yahya Tuncaltan
Project Manager


Dear ladies and gentlemen,

On behalf of the Kazakhstan Centre of Business Cooperation Atakent I am happy to welcome participants and guests of the 21st Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition KIHE 2014.

It is gratifying to note that today the exhibition KIHE is the largest in terms of the number and most respectable in the composition of participants' healthcare exhibition in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

The project KIHE being held for more than 20 years, has taken the leading position among health care professionals. This is a forum that pieces together science and presentation of new technologies and in combination with the sales technique is the way of the development of this exhibition.

As a major international exhibition, KIHE is a favorable basis for business. The project allows the participants to establish and/or maintain a large number of business contacts in the shortest possible time.

The exhibition KIHE reflects the dynamic development of domestic medicine and practical health care, and is an ideal venue for product promotion, business development, market research, meetings with experts from the different regions of our country and abroad.

I wish all participants of the exhibition active and fruitful work and extension of business relations!

Chairman of the Board of Directors
JSC Kazakhstan Centre of Business Cooperation "Atakent"
Kalyk Abdullaev


Dear KIHE 2014 Participants and Guests!

On behalf of the Organising Committee, we are delighted to welcome you all to the 21st Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition KIHE 2014.

KIHE 2014, now in it's 21st year, is the most established international healthcare event in Kazakhstan and the largest healthcare exhibition in Central Asia.

We are delighted to welcome new and regular international exhibitors as well as local companies who are using KIHE as a platform to strengthen their position in Kazakhstan's market and develop new international contacts. This year more than 210 participants from 20 countries joined the exhibition. We would like to give our special regards to the German and Chinese National Stands and group of companies from Russia and South Korea.

The special sector of Medical Tourism that provides services for the prevention, diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and health improvement in Kazakhstan and abroad, also successfully continues its work at the exhibition. Co-organiser - Global Healthcare Travel Council GHTC. Diamond Sponsor of the event - Turkish Healthcare Travel Council THTC.

The KIHE Exhibition is the focal point of a three days long program of events that attract the biggest gathering of healthcare industry professionals in the country. This includes International Conference, discussions, presentations and workshops from world-known manufacturers of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and another medical sectors.

The KIHE 2014 has been organised with the continuous support and help of the Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty City Administration, Department of Healthcare of Almaty City Administration, National Medical Holding, Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in the Republic of Kazakhstan and National Medical Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We greatly appreciate their important role in making KIHE the leading healthcare exhibition that it has become.

We would like to thank Official Partner of KIHE 2014 Exhibition –– PHILIPS Company , Partner of Registration area – MedExpert LLP for their partnership and support of the project.

Also we would like to express our gratitude to IEC "Atakent" for their ongoing support and collaboration.

On behalf of the organisers, we would like to express the hope that KIHE 2014 will further contribute to the development of the healthcare industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and will be successful and productive for all its participants.


Yuri Borodikhin
Director Iteca LLP