Welcome Letters 2018

Dear guests, participants and organizers of the exhibition!

I am glad to welcome you at the annual Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition – KIHE 2018.

The experience of the development of many progressive countries shows that the prosperity of our country depends on the state of health of the nation. In turn, the state is actively involved in the transformation of the health system. Since July 1, 2017, the social health insurance Fund receives contributions and deductions from employers. Such significant changes are needed to improve the quality of health services, as well as the modification of demographic data in the country.

Speaking about the Southern Capital, it is impossible to deny a number of existing problems, the solution of which is one of the main tasks of the health Department of Almaty. In any case, the indicators of the last two years show a positive trend: child mortality has decreased by 2.5 times. The mortality rate of tuberculosis patients also decreased by 36% - the coverage of outpatient treatment doubled 7 new medical facilities were put into operation, which was facilitated by an increase in the financing of the health system.

It is significant that the visitors and participants of the exhibition "KIHE", which is held for the 25th time in a row, noted the high level of organization, as well as the opportunity to increase the demand for manufacturers ' products, to find potential customers from different regions of Kazakhstan, clearly demonstrating the quality and operation of equipment. A wide range of exhibited equipment and materials are presented in different areas of medical care: optics and ophthalmology, orthopedics, pharmacology, laboratory technology. KIHE annually gathers a large number of specialists in the field of medicine. The event is not only a demonstration, but also includes a number of seminars on effective methods, topical issues, as well as improving the health system.

On behalf of the mayor's office of Almaty, I would like to express my gratitude to the participants and guests for their contribution to the developing field of health. I wish you to achieve your professional goals, productive meetings and good mood.

Serikbol Rahimkanovich Musinov
The head of Almaty city health Department

Dear Colleagues, dear Friends!

On behalf of National Medical Association, we welcome participants and guests of the 25th Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition - KIHE 2018.

Holding of this exhibition undoubtedly contributes to drawing due attention to the problems of medicine as one of the most important sectors of public health in Kazakhstan. KIHE exhibition is a main dialogue platform for solution of pressing issues and problems in the field of health care.

Realizing the importance and significance of achievements of medical science and practice since 2010, National Medical Association annually conducts, in parallel with KIHE, International Scientific and Practical Conference within the framework of General Assembly, where medical community of many countries gathers. I am sure that holding of these events will help to draw due attention to the problems of medicine as one of the most important sectors of public health in Kazakhstan and will become an interactive platform for solution of pressing problems and issues in the field of health care.

Let me to wish all participants and guests of the Exhibition achievement of their goals, fruitful work and acquisition of new business partners.

Aizhan Sadykova
President of RPO «National Medical Association»
PhD, General Director of the Institute of Psychology and Psychotherapy

Dear participants, guests and organizers of the exhibition!

On behalf of the OrdaMed group of companies, I am pleased to welcome you to the 25th Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition- KIHE 2018.

Modern medicine is developing dynamically and rapidly. There is no doubt that the constant perfection of technology is associated with the social aspect of medicine. As a company that pays a lot of attention to studying modern trends in medicine and health problems, it is difficult for us to exaggerate the importance of holding similar exhibitions.

Healthcare Exhibition - KIHE 2018 was an important event in the schedule of the heads of scientific and medical centers, doctors and manufacturers of medical equipment. This is not only the largest dialogue platform in which both world-famous and local manufacturers of medical and pharmaceutical products take part, but also a rare opportunity for discussions about the priorities and prospects for the development of local healthcare.

The group of companies «OrdaMed», currently developing in Central Asia and as one of the leaders in the market of medical equipment, could not miss participation in the most important for the medical community exhibition in Kazakhstan - «Healthcare - KIHE 2018».

We preserve and increase the experience gained by our colleagues, and also offer innovative industry solutions based on supporting a service-oriented approach, providing quality equipment and automating complex and routine tasks.

The group of the companies «OrdaMed» congratulates «Healthcare - KIHE 2018» with the anniversary exhibition, where I am glad to be a sponsor.

I wish participants and visitors of the exhibition fruitful work and achievement of the set professional goals.

Yerkin Dlimbetov,
President of the group of companies «OrdaMed»

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

On behalf of Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan, I welcome all participants, organizers and guests of the 25th International Healthcare Exhibition – KIHE 2018.

Promotion of healthy lifestyle, affordable and quality provision of medical services, access to modern drugs and technologies is one of the objectives of social policies of our countries.

Economic and social modernization of industry is one of the tools of a healthy and developing society, as well as national security of the country. This is facilitated by International Exhibition «KIHE-2018», which annually gathers momentum and has become an information platform where professionals of the world medical industry have an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest achievements of medical science, pharmaceutical industry and technical innovations of industry, which helps to meet modern trends of industry for human health.

We are very pleased with presence of Russian companies, which is a proof of their successful work in this market. Participation in the exhibition gives an opportunity to Russian and Kazakh companies to intensify mutually beneficial cooperation, to generalize existing experience, to strengthen and develop partnership relations.

From the bottom of my heart I would like to wish all participants and guests of the exhibition successful fruitful work, achievement of their goals, expansion of scope of business partnership and cooperation!

Alexander Yakovlev
Trade Representative
of the Russian Federation
in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

On behalf of the French Agency for the Development of International Business Business France with the office of the Embassy of France in the Republic of Kazakhstan, I welcome you at the 25th anniversary Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition - KIHE 2018.

At the present stage of the development of society, one of the main conditions for improving the health of the population is the development of medical science and the introduction of innovations in healthcare organizations. The created environment in practice should provide the organization of healthcare with tools for effectively identifying trends and current trends in the field of innovative development, and, in turn, form the basis for creating a model for planning of own innovation activity.

In this regard, the exhibition KIHE is a unique platform for the exchange of experience between leading specialists and managers of medical institutions. Its implementation is an important part of the process of improving the Kazakhstan healthcare system, which allows to familiarize practical medical specialists with the achievements of domestic and foreign medicine, new methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

It is a great pleasure for me that the French profile companies take part in such a prestigious exhibition. I hope that this event will contribute to the further strengthening of cooperation between France and Kazakhstan in the field of health and medicine.

Let me also wish the participants and visitors fruitful work, effective dialogue and achievement of significant results in the work of the exhibition.

Laurent Damascus
Head of the Trade Mission of France Business France

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

On behalf of KCBC “Atakent” I welcome participants and guests at the 25th anniversary Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition - KIHE 2018.

KIHE is the largest exhibition in Kazakhstan, which gathers leading manufacturers of medical and pharmaceutical industry on one platform. In addition, the event contains a busy business part. As part of business program, developers present innovations and new technologies, as well as various educational seminars to medical community.

Annual holding of KIHE exhibition contributes to improvement of modern technologies, strengthening of connections between their developers and users. The exhibition provides industry specialists and government officials with an opportunity to discuss socially important aspects of healthcare system functioning, as well as to implement mechanism of public private partnership.

I am sure that this year the event will create favorable conditions for implementation of new successful projects.

I wish you achievement of professional goals, productive meetings and good mood!

Kalyk Abdullayev
Chairman of the Board of Directors
of KBCC “Atakent” JSC

Dear exhibitors and guests of the 25th Anniversary Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition «KIHE 2018»

On behalf of the Kazakhstan exhibition company Iteca and our international partners Group of companies ITE, I am sincerely glad to welcome all exhibitors and participants of the KIHE 2018!

This year the largest medical exhibition of Kazakhstan celebrates its 25th anniversary, which flatters that KIHE enjoys popularity and well regarded among participants and visitors.

Wide range of seminars, presentations from participating companies, demonstration of the latest innovations in the industry, as well as a number of training and informative seminars designed for the entire professional audience of industry experts will be held within the framework of KIHE 2018.

In addition, the exhibition annually provides participants a unique opportunity of B2B and B2G meetings with the largest companies and representatives of state structures of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

I wish you successful and fruitful work during the exhibition, new ideas, conclusion of mutually beneficial contracts and further development of the business.

Yuri Borodikhin
Director Iteca LLP