Welcome Letters 2017

Dear participants and guests of the 24th Kazakhstan International
Healthcare Exhibition - KIHE 2017!

On behalf of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan, it is my pleasant duty to welcome you all at the 24th Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition - KIHE.

These days, the Healthcare Exhibition KIHE is one of the most significant interactive platforms in Kazakhstan, bringing together reputable international and domestic producers of medical and pharmaceutical industries.

In his Address to the people of our country, «Kazakhstan-2050: One Goal, One Interest, One Future», the Head of the State, Mr. N.A. Nazarbayev, highlighted the undeniable necessity in achieving our principal objective to become one of 30 top competitive nations of the world, paying special attention to the successful implementation of the healthcare system reform.

According to the results of the instituted reforms, we have prioritized the capacities of the national health system in Kazakhstan, introduced a number of market mechanisms and transferred the advanced medical technologies.

The state healthcare development program for the years of 2016-2019, named «Densaulyk», poses challenges for the work of all medical community to contribute to the high level of the competitiveness of our nation by strengthening health of all people of Kazakhstan and increasing longevity through improvements in the system of medical services.

These efforts, taken by our State, are aimed at providing support to entrepreneurship (including such strategically important sector of the national economy as pharmaceutical industry), attracting investments to the country, bringing new technologies, which keep up with the international standards of GMP, developing and stimulating growth of national producers of high-quality and affordable domestic pharmaceutical products.

This annual exhibition is an excellent opportunity to catch up with the latest achievements in the healthcare sector, determine new promising medical and scientific prospects, learn and introduce high-tech methods of treatment and share information about other activities to improve public health.

I wish all participants and guests of the exhibition a very fruitful work!

Y. Birtanov
Minister of Healthcare
of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear guests, organisers and exhibitors!

On behalf of the Hungarian Embassy in the Republic of Kazakhstan I would like to welcome all participants and visitors of one of the largest exhibitions in the Republic of Kazakhstan – the 24th International Healthcare Exhibition KIHE 2017.

It may safely be said that the healthcare sphere is a priority sector for the whole world community and its development takes a special place in the economy of any country. Holding such a large-scale exhibition is a very important element in the improvement of the global healthcare system. Such events, first of all, are an excellent platform for searching for new technologies and ideas that will help to solve problems in this sphere, and also provide a great opportunity to establish new partnerships.

It is a great pleasure for me to see that the Hungarian industry-specific companies take part in such a prestigious exhibition. I hope that this event will contribute to further strengthening of cooperation between our countries in the sphere of healthcare and medicine.

In conclusion, let me once again congratulate the organisers with a grand event and wish a successful exhibition.

Let me also wish the participants and visitors fruitful work, effective dialogues and achieving significant results in the work of the exhibition.

Yours faithfully,

Andras Baranyi
Ambassador of Hungary

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

On behalf of the Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan I am delighted to welcome all participants, organisers and guests of the 24th Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition - KIHE-2017.

Promotion of a healthy lifestyle, affordable and quality provision of medical services, access to modern preparations and technologies are one of the objectives of our countries’ social policies. Economic and social modernization of the industry is one of the tools of a healthy and developing society, as well as of national security of a country. This is fuelled by holding the International Exhibition “KIHE-2017”, which every year is gaining momentum and has become an information platform where professionals of the world medical industry annually have an opportunity to get to know the advanced achievements of medical science, pharmaceutical industry and technical innovations of the industry, which helps meet the modern trends of the industry for the benefit of human health.

I am confident that this event will offer the participants an opportunity to make known their position in the industry, demonstrate the potential, strengthen business ties and expand the horizons of cooperation. We are very pleased with the participation of the Russian companies in the exhibition, which is proof of their successful work in this market.

I sincerely wish all participants and guests of the exhibitions successful fruitful work, achieving their goals, expanding the scope of business partnership and cooperation!

Alexander Yakovlev
Trade Representative
of the Russian Federation
in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear Colleagues!

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate You on the opening of our professional forum – the 24th Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition - KIHE 2017.

The exhibition traditionally gathers professionals of the medical industry, helps keep up with the times and provides an opportunity to get to know the novelties offered by manufacturers of medical equipment and pharmaceutical industry to use the latest achievements in practice for the benefit of human health.

Undoubtedly, in the age of information technology the Internet enables us to find any information, but nothing can replace human communication. For this very reason the industry professionals are looking forward to the exhibition KIHE.

For 24 years of its existence KIHE has become a central event for the medical and pharmaceutical community in Kazakhstan. In 2017 150 medical companies are taking part in the exhibition. This fact gives evidence of long-term interests of firms, confirms their hopes for long-term cooperation to solve important problems facing Kazakhstan’s healthcare sector.

On behalf of the Association I wish the organisers and participants of the exhibition new ideas and success. And also I wish the visitors that the expectations You have, will be fulfilled, the exhibition will help increase your professional knowledge and achieve professional goals.

Vyacheslav Lokshin
President of the Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Medical Science,
Professor, corresponding member of the NAS of RK.

Dear Colleagues, dear Friends!

On behalf of the National Medical Association let me welcome the participants and guests of the 24th Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition - KIHE 2017. 24 years is a solid date that symbolizes stability in the market, and most importantly - the significance of this event for our medical community.

Holding this exhibition undoubtedly contributes to drawing proper attention to the problems of medicine as one of the most important sectors of public health in Kazakhstan. KIHE 2017 is an interactive platform for solving pressing issues and problems in the healthcare sphere.

Realizing the importance and relevance of the achievements of medical science and practice, since 2010 the National Medical Association annually has been holding in parallel with KIHE the International Scientific and Practical Conference within the framework of the General Assembly, where medical community of many countries are brought together. I am sure that holding these events will help draw due attention to the problems of medicine as one of the important sectors of healthcare in Kazakhstan and will become a dialogue platform for solving vital problems and issues in the sphere of health protection.

I wish all participants and guests of the Exhibition achieving their goals, fruitful work and finding new business partners.

Aizhan Sadykova
President of RPO «National Medical Association»
PhD, General Director of the Institute of Psychology and Psychotherapy

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

On behalf of Kazakhstan Center of Business Cooperation «Atakent», I am honored to bid all participants and guests of the 24th Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition KIHE- 2017 a genial welcome.

KIHE is the largest medical assembly in Kazakhstan, which traditionally attracts leaders of healthcare and pharmaceutical industries as well as developers of advanced methods of diagnostics and treatment.

For years, the Exhibition has been serving as the effective tool to strengthen cooperation between science and business through developing the intersectoral collaboration approach.

This event reflects the dynamic growth of the domestic healthcare system and practiced medical services, and is the ideal platform to promote products, foster business development, analyze market trends and meet experts from all over our country and abroad.

It is no exaggeration to say that pharmaceutics and medical services are focus areas in the high-tech development of the economy of Kazakhstan. I have no doubt that KIHE 2017 will open up many opportunities for practicing physicians and healthcare managers to update and increase their professional knowledge and skills, to share experience and catch up with latest medical advances.

I wish all participants active rewarding work and expansion of your business connections!

Kalyk Abdullayev
Chairman of the Board of Directors
of KBCC “Atakent” JSC

Dear KIHE 2017 Participants and Guests!

On behalf of Iteca, the Kazakhstani exhibition company, and ITE Company Group, our international partners, I am delighted to offer the most hospitable welcome to all participants of the 24th Kazakhstan International Healthcare KIHE 2017.

At the modern stage of the society development, promotion of medical science and innovational methods in the healthcare systems are key factors for the improvement of public health. The system of healthcare should be provided with all required tools to efficiently identify tendencies and promising trends for the innovational development, and, in its turn, be a foundation for the creation of its own planning model for innovational activities.

Annually, KIHE Exhibition represents a unique place for leading specialists and managers of various medical institutions to share experience and best practices. Holding this exhibition is a very important part of the overall development of the healthcare system of Kazakhstan by means of latest achievements of national and foreign medical industries as well as new methods of diagnostics and treatment of human diseases.

For 24 years the Exhibition has repeatedly reaffirmed its relevance and become one of the key instruments to develop and upgrade mechanisms of transfer of innovational technologies into the healthcare system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The program and exposition of KIHE 2017 are aimed at improving procedures of search, selection and assessment of existing medical technologies, and reducing time for their introduction in medical organizations.

A huge potential and possibilities of modern achievements in the field of medical science and latest medical technologies, which can be applied in practice, determine the diversity of the thematic sections of KIHE 2017: medical devices, equipment for diagnostics and treatment, expendable materials, sutures, medical clothing, personal care items, furniture for medical purposes, latest informational technologies, laboratory medicine, medical innovations, engineering and design for medical complexes, hospitals, doctors' offices, health centers, equipment for cleaning, disinfection, sanification and storage of sterile items, laboratory equipment, microbiology, pharmaceutical technologies and many others.

We are confident that KIHE 2017 will not only contribute to the expansion of technologies and development of cooperation between their developers and users, but will also work for the creation and maintenance of required support systems and infrastructures for further introduction of innovations in the healthcare system of Kazakhstan.

On behalf of the organizers of this event, I wish all participants and guests effective work and achievement of your goals.

Yuri Borodikhin
Director Iteca LLP