Welcome Letters 2015

Ladies and gentlemen!

On behalf of Almaty City Akimat and myself, I am pleased to welcome participants and guests of the 22nd Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition - KIHE 2015.

In conditions of unstable global financial markets, the contemporary Kazakhstan is becoming an attractive area for business, in particular, medical and pharmaceutical.

Government of Kazakhstan is successfully running several health sector modernization and development programs. And given the fact that 80% of medical institutions in Kazakhstan are state-owned, the government plays an important role in medical aspects and is a major purchaser of medical products on the market.

Year after year KIHE presents the latest advances in health care. KIHE exhibitors present the most recent developments, latest technology, innovative treatment and diagnosis methods. Along with medical equipment, local companies present medicines, disinfectants, innovations in dentistry and orthodontics, consumables and many more.

KIHE 2015 is a unique opportunity for representatives of various countries to create a strong business here and long-term investment programs in the health sector.

I wish all exhibitors, visitors and organizers an effective work and achievement of their goals, as well as a pleasant stay in our city.

Akim of Almaty
Akhmetzhan Yessimov


Dear participants and visitors of
Healthcare Exhibition KIHE 2015!

On behalf of the National Medical Holding and on myself personally, I congratulate organisers, participants and visitors of KIHE 2015 with opening of the exhibition!

Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition KIHE is widely known in Kazakhstan and beyond. This is the place for world healthcare professionals to get acquainted year by year with the latest innovations in manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, medical equipment and healthy lifestyle products.

Nowadays, national healthcare undergoes a range of significant reforms, such as implementation of Unified National Healthcare System, aimed at creating motivation for healthcare services suppliers and increasing quality and technological level of medical aid. In its turn, it causes a need for modernisation of healthcare system infrastructure and applied management technologies.

For a number of reasons, based on specific character of development of economy of Kazakhstan, development of medical tourism is a unique opportunity for delegates of different countries to establish their stable business activities and long-term investment programs in Kazakhstan.

Medical tourism has always been the most economically stable area of the market. Tourism and healthcare globalisation prescribes its own rules and more Kazakhs become interested in diagnostics and treating abroad. However, year by year the number of foreign patients in Kazakhstan clinics also increases. In 2011–2014 clinics of National Medical Holding provided high quality medical treatment for 4421 people from over 30 countries of the world.

National Medical Holding is in the centre of all current healthcare reforms and plays the key role in their implementation.

I am confident, that KIHE 2015 Healthcare Exhibition and Medical Tourism Exposition will be useful for all participants, providing favourable conditions for improving technical equipment level of national prevention and treatment institutions, which, in its turn, will promote higher quality of medical services in Kazakhstan.

I wish all exhibitors and visitors of the exhibition efficient work, significant results and success.

With best regards,

Nurzhan Otarbaev
CEO National Medical Holding JSC


Dear colleagues!

With a great pleasure I congratulate you with opening of our professional forum — 22nd Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition — KIHE 2015.

The exhibition traditionally gathers healthcare professionals, helps to move with the time and gives the opportunity to get acquainted with all innovations, provided by manufacturers of medical equipment and pharma industry, in order to use the latest achievements practically for the human health sake.

There is no doubt, that in the era of information technologies, any information can be found on the Internet, however, nothing can replace human communication. This is exactly why the healthcare professionals are looking forward to KIHE.

Within 22 years of existence, KIHE Exhibition became the central event for medical and pharmaceutical society of Kazakhstan. In 2015 more than 200 medical companies are taking part in the exhibition. This is the best evidence of long-term interest of the companies, confirming their hopes for longstanding collaboration for solving important problems of health care service of Kazakhstan.

On behalf of the Association, I wish the organisers and exhibitors success and plenty of new ideas. As for the visitors, I wish them to get their expectations realised, improve their professional knowledge and achieve professional goals with the help of the exhibition.

V. Lokshin
President of the Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Medical Science, Professor, Corresponding Member of NAS of the RK


Dear colleagues and friends!

On behalf of the National Medical Association I would like to welcome the exhibitors and guests of the 22nd Kazakhstan International Health Exhibition - KIHE 2015. 22 years is a serious term that symbolizes stability of the market, and most importantly - the need for this event for our medical community.

Undoubtedly, this exhibition will attract due attention to the problems of medicine as one of the important health sectors in Kazakhstan. KIHE 2015 is a discussion platform to address current issues and challenges in the health sector.

Realizing the importance and significance of the achievements of medical science and practice, starting 2010 the National Medical Association in parallel with KIHE annually holds an International scientific-practical conference of the General Assembly, bringing together medical communities of many countries. This year the Conference will be held under the motto "Health for all across Eurasia!" We are confident that the medical unity will allow us to break the boundaries and combine efforts for life and health on the Planet. We particularly bend the knees to medical soldiers, whose great merit of victory in the World War II is unmeasurable.

Let me wish achievement of goals, effective work and finding new business partners to all exhibitors and visitors.


Aizhan Sadykova
President of RPO "National Medical Association"
PhD, General Director of the Institute of Psychology and Psychotherapy.


"KAZMEDPRIBOR Holding" welcomes exhibitors, managers, participants and organizers, and all those who work for the success of the 22nd Kazakhstan International Health Exhibition - KIHE 2015.

KIHE has proved itself to be a place where the latest health care achievements are demonstrated, as well as a meeting place of old friends and making new ones.

Although the exhibition is primarily focused on professionals, practitioners and entrepreneurs, it will be interesting to anyone who cares about health to learn achievements of the medical progress. The exhibition has become a link between health care product manufacturers and distribution companies. Year after year, new companies enter Kazakhstani market and find business partners at KIHE event.

Medical equipment market is developing rapidly, by leaps and bounds, offering more and more new technologies rejecting the old and inefficient ones. The purpose of this exhibition is to help experts with learning and mastering a new range of medical equipment, and medical device manufacturers to proudly showcase new developments of their products, to give a new impetus to the development of their business in Kazakhstan and navigate in a competitive world.

We wish you, ladies and gentlemen, productive work, commercial success, reliable partners and realization of your professional plans.

Bayzakov Rakhat Turganbekovich
President of "KAZMEDPRIBOR Holding"


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

On behalf of Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan, I welcome all participants and visitors at 22nd Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition — KIHE 2015.

Healthcare system is the area of life support and national security of the country. Special emphasis is laid on the dynamic development of this system. At present, this system undergoes economic and social modernisation in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The process is facilitated by KIHE 2015 International Exhibition, gathering its momentum year by year and has become informational platform, where every year world healthcare professionals have the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest developments in medical science, pharmaceutical industry and technical innovations in the sphere, which helps to move with the time for the human health sake.

We are glad to see Russian companies participating in the exhibition, which proves their successful work in this market.

I wish all the exhibitors and guests of the exhibition efficient work, effective cooperation, stable partnership connections, luck, prosperity and success in achieving their intended objectives!

Trade Representative
of the Russian Federation in
Republic of Kazakhstan
A. V. Yakovlev


Ladies and gentlemen!

On behalf of KBCC "Atakent" and myself, I am pleased to welcome all participants and guests of the 22nd Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition - KIHE 2015.

Being the most important component of social and economic goals of the society, human health is the top social value. And KIHE exhibition is created to support this fact.

Undoubtedly, KIHE is Kazakstani's largest healthcare exhibition in terms of number and the most representative in terms of exhibitors. Being held for more than 20 years, the exhibition has taken a leading place among health professionals, becoming a forum uniting science and technology.

It is gratifying to emphasize that year after year KIHE exhibitors present the most recent developments, latest technology, and innovative treatment and diagnosis methods.

I wish the exhibitors and visitors high spirits, successful meetings, effective work, success and achievement of goals.

Chairman of the Board of Directors
JSC KBCC "Atakent"